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We are proud to have received the trust and loyalty of countless partners and businesses who use our Interaction solutions to deliver their best customer experience across Europe and the UK. Our solutions, hosted in the cloud,  offer businesses the flexibility to adapt to their changing environment with out the need to commit to long term contracts and invest in expensive hardware. 

Our Cloud offering includes:

  • IVR, Call Queuing and Routing solution

  • Intuitive, Cloud based Voice, email and chat solution

  • Enterprise ready Omni-channel Contact Centre solution

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Cloud Contact Interaction 

Improve your Customer Relationship and reduce your costs thanks to the set of Cloud applications deployed by Interactiv UK

The Interactiv Interaction Suite is organized around voice and multichannel interactions.  Our solutions accommodate all businesses at any level of their cloud transformation project, including businesses looking to move away from on-premise equipment or businesses looking for an alternative to their existing cloud solution.

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Cloud Contact Centre

ICS Call Contact

The ICS Call Contact application allows businesses to distribute multi-channel customer interactions to agents within a dedicated or virtual team. Thanks to the ICS Call Contact interaction module, businesses can effectively control, optimise and manage their call center.

Routing and IVR

ICS Call Flow

The ICS Call Flow application is used to route incoming communications. The voice and data interaction service (SVI) intervenes upstream of the contact center or deployed stand alone. This application allows the management of sophisticated scenarios for all types of voice portals.


ICS Analytics

ICS Analytics is a service that offers complete statistics on the entire processing chain for your incoming calls. This efficient reporting and analysis tool allows you to "monitor" your quality of service with your customers and helps you understand your service levels and the evolution of your call handling.


Omni-Channel Solutions

Cloud based Voice, email, chat, Text and social solution 

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Native Multi-channel

Native management of all channels

Our Omni-channel solution provides you with an intelligent multichannel flow distribution engine allowing internal & external resources to be optimized.
Capture all interactions with your customers, sort and prioritize all your contact flows according to your business criteria

Automatically distribute the most important task to the most skillful adviser and measure all activity while optimizing your multi-channel customer relations strategy.

User Ergonomics

A solutions designed for everyday activities

The adviser’s interface, is designed to be intuitive and ergonomic: agents quickly become familiar with the tool which simplifies their daily work. From computer-aided writing to knowledge base, all the features were developed to save the adviser’s time.


Efficient Agents

80% customers experience a wait time of more than 6 minutes on the phone (source: En-Contact). It takes nearly 3 interactions to obtain an answer from a Customer Service (source: BVA). With our smart distribution of inbound interactions, your advisers obtain much better results.

Business Phone Numbers

With business phone numbers from Interactiv, you can collect calls from 28 countries on 4 continents. Then, with a single web interface, you can deliver them anywhere in the world.

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Geographic or Non Geographic Numbers

Local or national Presence

Geographic numbers are fixed-line telephone numbers that begin with the digits '01' and '02'

Non-geographic numbers, or NGN numbers, are numbers that are not linked to any specific location, which means calls can be routed to virtually any destination, and this routing can be adjusted depending on a range of factors, like the time of the call

Freephone, Shared Cost Numbers

Pay or split the cost of calls


Calls are free of charge for the caller, as the service provider pays for the full cost

of the call, which makes it ideal for customer service applications or advertising campaigns. These can be used nationally, within your own country, or be extended into other countries.


Shared Cost

The cost of the call is split between you and the caller, where you may receive a share of the revenue.

Premium Numbers

Charge callers

The caller pays the entire cost of the call and you receive a share of the revenue, where you can set the rate the caller pays by selecting from a range of pre-defined tariffs.

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