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Routing and IVR

ICS Call Flow

The Call Flow application is used to route incoming calls. The voice and data interaction service (SVI) intervenes upstream of the contact center or deployed stand alone for non contact centre operations. This application allows the management of sophisticated call scenarios for all types of voice portals.

The IVR builder is web based with drag and drop functionality that allows for easy configuration of IVR and Call routing scenarios. Integration to 3rd party systems can be utilized using the built in web-services.

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Routing and IVR Features

ICS Call Flow

Basic Functions

  • Voice playback

  • DTMF capture

  • Calendar management including Time of day routing

  • Queue management

  • Cloud based call queuing

  • Call transfer

  • Multiple language support

Advanced Functions

  • Voice synthesis

  • Speech Recognition

  • Contextual data referral

  • Call cost announcement

  • Call broadcast and hunt groups

  • Call recording

  • VIP Services

  • Voice Mail services

  • Fax to email

ICS Call Flow is ideal for customers who need advanced routing or call qualification in the cloud before arriving to the existing Contact Centre or agent. Ideal for customers wishing to queue calls in the cloud to ensure onsite resources are not impacted.

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